“EQ, the emotional quotient, and the IQ, the intelligence quotient.”

For those celebrating their first Valentine’s day together with their sweetheart, congratulations! This day marks an iconic page in your story together. First of all, relax! Chances are, he is wrestling with nerves over wanting to impress you, too. Most importantly, don on something that allows you to be comfortable, while also expressing your individual identity; turn aside outfits that aren’t reflective of you. If you want to add a little modesty to your ensemble, throw on a body-conscious jacket with a soft fabric. EQ:IQ crop leather blazers in delicious colors are a perfect option. Don’t go too tight or too loose. The last thing you want on an important day such as this is to feel overly self-conscious and distracted. You want your focus to be on your date, not your seams!

EQ:IQ is a play on the EQ, “the emotional quotient” and the IQ, “the intelligence quotient”. The balance between these two aspects is core to every woman, representing the different layers of her personality whether it’s expressive and creative or more intellectual and rational. EQ:IQ stands for well rounded, confident, independent women who are sure of themselves and not shy about expressing their creative side.

EQ:IQ offers fashion, shoes and accessories.

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SS2014 Press Day
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EQ:IQ, a play on the emotional and the intelligence quotient

A balance that is core to every woman’s multi-layered personality, whether it is on the creative or more rational side.
EQ:IQ offers a sensuous yet sleek style that blends clean structured forms with soft feminine lines. The brand covers the needs of modern fashion lovers looking for high quality fashion and accessories at suitable price.
Under the guidance of GRI’s CCO Fred ALLARD, EQ:IQ is set to bloom in every aspect – style, logo, packaging, advertising, store design – thanks to a set of international talents such as Antwerp-based Fashion Designer Christian WIJNANTS, winner of the 2013 International Woolmark Prize, French accessories designer Yannick FLAGEUL, New York-based Art Director Malin ERCISON and Creative Consultant Franck SALZWEDEL, acclaimed Dutch photographer Viviane SASSEN who shot the EQ:IQ campaign for the last two seasons, and last but not least, Swedish International top model Sara Blomqvist.
In July 2013, EQ:IQ premiered its interior lifestyle concept, Home of EQ:IQ, applying the same creative vision behind its fashion brand, to a tightly curated selection of home ware products and accessories. The home ware collections articulate the design focus of each season’s inspiration, interpreting the themes and colours of the brand’s collections from season-to-season. Transitioning from the previous season, EQ:IQ Home has embellished its current collection with some new stunning showpieces, to enhance any stylish home.

This AW14, to lead the brand new multi-brand concept, EQ:IQ will present the runway collection of its award winning designer, Christian Wijnants. The inspiration of the collection was taken from the work of Japanese artist Fujita. His use of material and soft colors inspired him to create a range of textural patchworks. The prints were developed specifically for color blocking then translated into knitwear. The yarns and knit structures, fabrics and techniques — like padding and neoprene — were used to evoke the warmth and comfort of a wool blanket.

Apart from the RTW collection, you cannot miss a serial of fabulous accessories & lifestyle gadget which complement the lifestyle concept of EQ:IQ, like French brand Maison Baluchon that blend tradition and high quality. Their innovative style brings an additional dimension to the capsule story that also features machine washable leather merchandises from Stouls as well as Italian high quality scarves from Faliero Sarti.

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